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In our salon we offer bathing, grooming, hair cutting, untangling, trimming and hair care services. In addition to hair care we also provide nail trimming, ear and teeth cleaning and anal gland expression (on request, for smaller breeds). Also we offer a full day "pet sitting" service. Your pet can be left by us with confidence even for longer periods of time. In addition to these services, we are able to transport your pet from point A to point B or, if necessary, to come and get it, take it for treatment in our salon and bring it back to you all nice, shiny and scented. :)

Discounts and benefits

Welcome bonus

Every new customer gets a
20% discount
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For each firend you bring, you'll get 20% discount on your pet's next treatment!
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Loyalty program

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Your pet will be provided with a pleasant and relaxing bath. We use the best shampoos and conditioners on the market that do not damage the hair or irritate the skin, even the most sensitive one.


Using our professional equipment we'll style each pet according to the wishes of the owner. If you don't know how to style your pet, we'll be pleased to advise the best hairstyles appropriate for the breed.

Hair cutting

For breeds such as Yorkshire, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Cocker Spaniel, Royal poodle and many others, we will treat the hair and make a hairstyle according to the rules for the breed and following the world trends.

Untangling and trimming

With a lot of feeling and care your pet will be well detangled and/or trimmed to remove all the undercoat, so the hair remains healthy and shiny.

Nail trimming

Pets who are not staying often in outer space have rapidly growing nails which don't wear. As a result the nails are subject to cracking. In our salon the nail trimming service is included in the complete treatment price.

Ear and teeth cleaning

To prevent infection, pets need to regularly take ear hygiene and, especially for certain breeds, teeth hygiene. Using the appropriate products we will thoroughly clean your pet's ears and teeth.

Pet-sitting service

If you need to travel or the need for a longer stay away from your residence, and you can not take your pet with you, feel free to leave it to us for safekeeping. We will treat it with a lot of love and care. :)

Pet transfer service

If necessary, we can pick up your pet at a particular place and transport it to the agreed destination. We can also transfer pets to the salon, groom it, and bring it back to the owner.

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